[110220/INFO] Super Junior-M’s Perfection CD Details

1. 8 random cards –

The view and style same as BONAMANA small card
( Not sure about Zhoumi and Henry:)

2. Gifts –

a. Poster is same with the CD cover, as you can see this http://twitpic.com/4150xu

b. Folder have double side

One is same with CD cover

and the other one is kinda similar with the CD cover but they have change the position (Back cover of the CD)

3. Back cover of the CD –

The same as CD cover as 9 style box but the position and view is different

Min is in the center and Siwon is on left side
Others are not sure

4. 35 inside pages

2 pages of each members

The first page is the album cover

1st to the end: Min → Kyu → Henry → Hae → Hyuk → Wook → Won → Min
(Not 100 % sure)


Inside the album will have 1 special receipt (paper)
Avex announce that after SJM’s performance, if you have this receipt, you will attend but its for ballot

PS:Don’t throw the paper if you want to meet them
* Not sure its true or not, will announce it later

Source: avex Taiwan / oilsummer.pixnet / tiffanyco23.pixnet
Translated by: manto 03 @
TaiwanKuvSJ / iRyeowookELF
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